Leaving Liesel Behind

I guess it’s appropriate that I start my new blog on why I left my old one behind.

Hi, I’m Ashley Leckwold. Some of you guys may know me from my work at Nerdophiles or from a comic I wrote last year called “Be My Clementine.” You may even know me from my stint on The Ratchet Retrocast or just being friends online, at cons, or in real life.

Though, let’s be real. Most of you know me by Liesel Hindmann and my previous blog “Diary of a Dimension Hopper.”

For those that don’t know, Liesel Hindmann was my steampunk identity. A daughter of a disgraced commander and an airship pirate, Liesel became a tinkerer’s apprentice until a run in with her master’s arch-nemesis caused her to leap through dimensions and find herself in the home of The Extraordinary Contraptions. Soon, she became their apprentice, doing anything that was asked of her and writing about her thoughts and experiences along the way as she went from dimension to dimension.

That was at least the idea of what Diary of a Dimension Hopper was supposed to be. The problem was that I was actually really bad at keeping the act up. As I grew further away from the Steampunk community, I didn’t want to talk about Steampunk media anymore. Not that there isn’t some great creator owned stuff coming from there (mostly music) and there are some great people I met because of it. However, there’s also a running list of assholes I keep in my head and I knew I was officially done after “a big name” in the Steampunk community who has no idea who I am only commented on my posts to either 1.) tell me to pull up by my bootstraps in terms of my anxiety and 2.) assert his opinion on a post I made about Adam Baldwin not because he actually cared, but because he picked mine at random to assert his “unedited opinion” on. Considering this guy also called a rape victim “irrelevant” for going the route of questioning the accused and believing the victim, I don’t know why I put up with it. I had already stopped following con heads and musicians for worse. It’s not like I needed that connection anymore. He wasn’t the only reason, but that final nail on a two year old coffin that I was officially done.

Let Astrid from Jamie McKelvie's Suburban Glamour speak for me.

Let Astrid from Jamie McKelvie’s Suburban Glamour speak for me.

It wasn’t just that though. It was that as I started writing for other websites, the Diary became my outlet for talking about stuff I couldn’t necessarily cover there. If I’m spending all my time writing and editing for Steampunk Chronicle, maybe I wanted to talk about how rad Pacific Rim was or how much I enjoyed Artpop by Lady GaGa. As I got further into Nerdophiles though, the postings became less frequent because of how much time it was eating up. Why bother reviewing The Hunger Games: Catching Fire for my blog if I was covering it for them?

As my writing for Nerdophiles has become more specialized though, I’m finding that I want the second outlet again. However, The Diary just wasn’t the place to do it anymore. Whatever it had started as, it wasn’t that anymore.

Plus, I don’t want to be Liesel all the time. I want to be Ashley. Liesel may live with a group of time-traveling rock stars and have the cosmos in her head, but Ashley gets to wear leggings, read comics, and set stuff on fire and play with it. Ashley gets to turn this world into a less mundane place.

I promise that will be the last time I refer to myself in third person.

I’m not letting her go entirely. She sits on my shelf for that eventual Steampunk adventure series I want to write and the old blog will remain for posterity.

For now, welcome to the Whiz Bang. I’m going to update this blog at least every Friday (and occasionally on Tuesdays when the mood strikes) with thoughts on comics, movies, music, TV, or anything else that happens to be getting my attention right about then. It’s going to be fun and I can’t wait to start.


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