A Plea, and What Entertainment News Media Keeps Missing About Stephen Amell on Raw

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Anyway, onto our main topic for today, which means it’s officially time to add wrestling as a category on this blog.

I jokingly referred to this as "Mister Sinister confronts Green Hawkeye."[Techtimes.com]

I jokingly referred to this as “Mister Sinister confronts Green Hawkeye.”[Techtimes.com]

As you’ve might have seen on some entertainment websites, Stephen Amell of Arrow will be guest starring on Monday Night Raw next week to address his ongoing feud with Stardust. This started back in May when Amell attended the Memorial Day edition and Stardust hissed in his face and it’s been going on over Twitter ever since.

Well… Mostly.

You see, what most websites have been missing about this by reporting only about Amell is the story of how the feud came close to a plot point that was never touched on again.

For those that don’t know, Stardust is the alter ego of Cody Rhodes. He denies it, but we know it’s true. Whether Cody comes back or not is a minor consequence at this point. Right now, the story in the ring is that Stardust honestly believes that he is a comic book super villain and that Amell is actually Oliver Queen. Like any good super villain, he’s become obsessed with the hero. He’s renamed his finisher “The Queen’s Crossbow.” He alludes to Green Arrow in mime and riddle. He sees the high flier Neville who refers to himself as “The Man That Gravity Forgot” as a minor super hero that’s standing in the way of the one he really wants to take down.

And most has this has only been building for a month, despite starting in May.


Does that last name ‘Rhodes’ sound familiar? If so, it’s because it belonged to Cody’s father Dusty Rhodes, a legendary wrestler who passed away on June 11th.

For a month after that, Stardust disappeared and rumors of Amell at SummerSlam died down. Stardust came back the night of the Divas Revolution, but it was kind of a quick match that no one was really sure what to make of. No one wanted to really boo Stardust or taunt him with chants of ‘CODY! CODY!’ since it was his first match back in his hometown after the death of his father. The community may have felt Dusty’s death hard, but I can’t even begin to imagine what Rhodes had been going through.

Shortly after his return, he posted something to his wife Eden Stiles’ blog explaining why Stardust came back instead of Cody. I suggest reading the whole thing if you’ve ever lost a loved one, but it was this part right here that I think drives the heart of this angle:

I am deeply influenced by comic books. I genuinely consider them my education since I forwent that whole wrestling-scholarship thing. I told the very talented current writer of DC Comics’ Batman, Scott Snyder, that to our family…you were Batman. Damn that sounds silly. Its true though…with all our extended mess(Godfathers, uncles, a cousin timekeeper, a gorgeous host/wife, two sons, several proteges, etc. all in the same business) we are the Batman family.
And you let me be your Robin.
So what do you want me to do now?? The head of the table is empty. I am not ready to let the sun go down on you. My compass just spinning madly.
A few days after we lost you, I was tasked with the unfortunate duty of going through your cellphone to find various numbers, so that we could invite them to the service. And there it was…
Your lock-screen.
It was a picture.
It was Stardust in a heated stare-down with The CW’S most valuable player Stephen “The Green Arrow” Amell.
“…finish what you start Kid…”

And oh, Stardust has been going strong this past month since his return. His promos have been stellar and it feels like his in-ring work is more aggressive. He started this and now he’s going to finish strong.

I’m glad that Amell has been playing along and I can’t wait to see where this ends up, but discounting how Stardust has bounced back from the lowest points to deliver the best possible tribute to his father is a crime in of itself.

Entertainment news outlets may have failed him, but you have not failed this fan, Stardust.


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