Hey Steampunks: You’re Not Fancy.

Hey guys, I’m sorry this post is going up late. I’ve been working on Dragon Con prep all this week and it’s been a time eater to the point that I haven’t been able to focus on writing. Next week is going to feature my thoughts on SummerSlam weekend (NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, SummerSlam, and the episodes of Raw and NXT that were filmed there) as well as a yet to be determined filler post. If you’re at Dragon Con, come say hi! I’ll post my costume schedule next week, but I should be searchable on the app under Ashley Leckwold.

Now onto the meat of this post.

This week, a friend of mine from the Ohio Steampunk community sent me a message. Well, a rant if you will, asking why the hell steampunks love the circus, vaudeville, and burlesque, but seem to poo poo at pro-wrestling, even though it was just as popular in the late 1800s as all of the other forms of entertainment previously mentioned.

Which just brings me to my main point. An issue that I’ve had with the Steampunk community for a while that will basically bring me to my second ever open address to them. This time as a burned former steampunk.

Vaudevillains, give me strength. [wrestlingclassics.com]

Vaudevillains, give me strength. [wrestlingclassics.com]

Dear Steampunk Community,

You are not fucking fancy.

I know that you like to think you are because you dress like what you think a Victorian lady or gentleman dressed like but with gears, act all polite, and go out and watch a woman with a Bettie Page haircut undress in time to music, but really, you’re not.

First of all, remember that Steampunk also has the word “punk” in the title. It’s supposed to be going against the norm and fighting back against the establishment. Y’all are the baby siblings of cyberpunks, who got down in the nitty gritty and used technology to make statements about how the world is, was, and could be. Steampunk should be doing the same in its own realm of alternate history and retrofuturism, but somehow became a community of Nice Guys™ in Top Hats and costumers ready to declare that they were Steamier Than Thou for whatever reason.

Secondly, circus, burlesque, vaudeville and wrestling were entertainment for the masses. It was all lowbrow and something that your everyday person at the time could consume and enjoy before the advent of film and television. High society wasn’t exactly going out to the vaudeville halls for a night out. You may think that because you go to a neo-circus act in some warehouse turned artist’s space where pretty girls eat fire and do amazing aerial silk feats while you wear the finest Brute Force Studios leather whatever makes you better than someone going to a pro-wrestling show down the street, but let’s face it. It doesn’t. You’re just basically just both getting out of the house to support your local performers. You’re just wearing clothes that are harder to go to the bathroom in.



To sum it up real quick for you, Steampunks, you have no room to talk down to people for what they enjoy when the kind of stuff you love and “support” wasn’t even highbrow to begin with. Sure, you may talk about how you want “chamber music” instead of bands with electronics at your weird steampunk convention, LARP, and dinner theater amalgam in order to appear highfalutin, but the kind of stuff the community has pulled and adopted was never highbrow and fancy to begin with.

Besides, when it comes to pro-wrestling, the ridiculous Vaudevillains and the spitfire steampunk Becky Lynch are what are making me being to like retrofuturism again after dealing with the growing negative attitudes and general asshole behaviors on top of the continuous support of awful human beings. What have you guys been doing for me lately besides making me roll my eyes at your latest round of hypocrisy?


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