Sasha Banks needs to be the face of the Authority

I know my co-worker meant well when he asked me if I heard what happened to Seth Rollins when I walked into the office today. He didn’t witness me go absolutely HAM on Twitter with concern, blind speculation, and just a fair amount of disappointment of not getting to see the Reigns/Rollins feud play out live when I go to Survivor Series later this month. I figured since I walked in wearing a Seth Rollins tank top though, there really wouldn’t be a need to ask. I know. My phone background tells the whole story.

Hello darkness my old friend... [WWE]

Hello darkness my old friend… [WWE]

Of course, one of the things that came up in this mad Twitter speculation is just who’s going to become the new face of The Authority during this time? They can’t fall back on Randy Orton again because he’s out too with a dislocated shoulder. Batista ain’t coming back. Kane’s probably going to reform The Brothers of Destruction on top of getting his ass fired as the Director of Operations. There’s been speculation of Dean Ambrose turning heel for a few weeks, but I take it as seriously as the speculation that lasted for three months that Reigns was turning heel. (Though, if there solution to fill the vacated title is tournament ala Survivor Series 1998, they should just go all in and have Reigns turn heel like The Rock did.) There’s also been a fair amount of speculation about it being Kevin Owens since he is the new NXT golden boy along with his whole angle as a prize fighter, but it doesn’t feel right to have him in that spot without his true nemesis fighting against him. (Soon though. Soon.)

Really though, I think we know what’s true. We know who The Authority needs to recruit as its new poster child/face/champion:

The Boss herself, Sasha Banks.



No offense to Kevin Owens, but I think Sasha’s track record so far this year says it all. She spent longer as NXT Women’s Champion than he did as NXT Champion, four of her title matches have been declared Match of Year candidates, she was the champion going into possibly the greatest angle NXT has ever had with her and Bayley, and they topped off her time at NXT with the first ever women’s iron man match as the main event. Sasha has the credentials to be a top heel and she gets chanted for anytime she’s not in the ring. Oh, and since making her Raw debut, no one has actually made her submit or pinned her for a victory.

And yet, she is so painfully underutilized on the main roster. All of the amazing Team B.A.D. is really. They have such presence and power to be the new Shield, but instead, they’re often playing second fiddle to The Bellas, Paige or whatever the collective of Charlotte, Becky, and Nattie are calling themselves.

Sasha though… I feel like Sasha really does have the power and momentum to be the face of The Authority in Seth’s absence. The WWE is currently in a state where the usual status quo is shaken just because so many are out with injury. This could lead to some interesting things if they’re willing to go outside of their comfort zone, and making a woman the top heel of the company could do it. Sasha is a great heel in a way different from Rollins and Owens. She’s cocky and vicious, but will back it up every damn time. Even if it means getting a little dirty to get what she wants. Plus, I know she’s been trained to go head to head with the boys between her indie days and her time at the Performance Center training under Sara Amato.

She sounds perfect for The Authority, the masters of the underhanded game to do “what’s best for business.”



Sasha Banks is already a Boss at 23 and has many more years ahead to become a true bonafide legend. In the unfortunate absence of The Undisputed Future, there is an opportunity to find someone else who can add more definition to just what the future is supposed to be. If they’re serious about giving women’s wrestling more of a spotlight to be taken seriously, they need to start by pushing those feuds and stories more and what better way than by making Sasha Banks the poster child of that future?



See you at Survivor Series.


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