Write-O-Ween, Day One: Blood/Flesh/Bone

Not too long ago on Twitter, I found this image with writing prompts for October. I’ve been meaning to work on my original fiction writing for a while, so this will be an outlet to do so! Some of it will be from other universes I’ve worked in. Others might be brand new to me. Either way, should be fun.

Here’s the prompt list below…



The witch was awoken from his sleep at the familiar shout of a monster hunter. Susie Essell, if Marcus Bernard had to wager a guess. For those in his community, he told them to call them before coming over unless it was a dire emergency. Susie was usually good about that, so the fact she was outside of his window right now shouting must mean it was an emergency.

He flipped on his lamp before stumbling out of bed and looking out the window. Outside was Susie, tall and frantic, her face splashed in dirt and blood after a night of work. Beside her was Johnny Price, her right hand man in all things monster hunting. Between them, they held a body. Johnny looked especially distraught as he looked at it, whispering nervously to the soul inside of it. “Marcus, Sid is down! We need help!”

As Marcus’ eyes adjusted to the darkness outside, he saw that the body was indeed Sidney Livingston. Their repairwoman and secretary. Johnny’s lover. Very green compared to Susie and Johnny.

Well, if the stripes in her skin were any indicator, very blue.

That wasn’t good.

“I’ll be right down! Bring her through the back!”

Without a second thought, Marcus rushed downstairs in his pajamas. He knew it made him look like an old man, but he didn’t really have time to focus on such things as his own vanity. He scrambled to unlock the backdoor that lead into his kitchen, not registering that he had succeeded in doing so until the two of them pushed through the door and laid Sid out on the table. Behind them, Bianca Plum practically floated in, her face screwed with concern over her friends. Marcus had never been one to allow vampires into his home, but Bianca was such a special case.

Marcus slammed the door behind him and immediately flipped on the light. He looked over at Bianca, her prone form groaning as Johnny held onto her hand. “What happened to her?”

“We were dealing with some sort of flame lizard infestation near the East Lake golf course when Sid fell into some sort of trap,” Susie said, crossing her arms as she stepped back from the table. “I thought it was dwarf magic at first, but then she passed out and those stripes started growing across her skin. I… I don’t know if I recognize it.”

“It’s not your fault, Susanna,” Marcus whispered, his voice soft as he looked over Sid, gently touching her arm and face with his earth callused hands. “You are a smart woman, but you don’t have to know everything. You’re not far off about it being dwarf based, but it looks to be a lot of dark fae involved here…”

“Can they even do that,” Johnny asked, his voice breaking slightly.

“Faeries are persistent creatures,” Marcus said sagely, retrieving a book from his shelf. “You should know this, Johnny. Especially when it comes to dark fae twisting the magic of others. I’ve seen this happening a fair amount lately, where innocent dwarf tricks are turned sour by malicious fae. It can be fixed though if we hurry.”

Johnny sighed in relief as Marcus set to work, opening the book and puttering around his kitchen for the ingredients. Pieces of rosemary, a dash of flame lizard scales and ginger, mugwort, griffin’s milk, crushed riverling bones, honeysuckle and… “Hmm.”

“‘Hmm’ what,” Johnny asked.

“Well the recipe calls for something unusual…”

“Blood of fire,” Bianca whispered, her voice just as far off as her gaze.

“Well, close,” Marcus replied. He pointed at the page. “It says here that the blood of a blue fire witch is needed to bind it?”

Everyone in the room looked up at Susie, who’s eyes grew wide as she tried to shrink back towards the wall. “But I’m not a witch! The magic in my blood is so… dim…”

“Suze, Sid is dying right now. Now is not the time for semantics!”

“Johnny is right, dear,” Marcus admitted as he dumped the ingredients he had gathered into a pot over his stove. “You are the descendant of blue fire witches. Their magic runs in your blood. We don’t have time to go out there and search for a full blooded blue fire witch. You’re it, baby girl.”

Susie sighed as she stepped out of the corner, pulling a knife from her boot as she did. She walked over to the pot and looked down at Marcus. “Do you need to do this or me?”

“It needs to be given freely. That knife iron?”


“Close enough for jazz.”

Susie nodded as she stood over the pot. She took a deep breath as she held her palm out over the pot. With only a small bit of hesitation, she cut at her palm and watched as the blood dripped down into the pot. As the mixture began to hiss, Marcus pushed her away. “That’s more than enough.”

He stood over the stove, mixing what was in the pot with an iron spoon and humming a song of a language long lost. Behind him, he could hear Bianca lapping up the remains of Susie’s blood as Johnny continued to whisper to a groaning Sid. After what felt like an eternity, the steam rising from the pot turned green. “Okay, I think we’re ready. Prop her up.”

As Marcus poured the mixture into a smaller bowl, Johnny, Susie and Bianca helped sit her up. Her head lulled back initially, but Bianca held it steady. “Easy, Sid. You’re not joining me today.”

Between her parted lips and labored breaths, Marcus slowly poured the mixture into Sid’s mouth. When it was gone, he gently pressed her jaw closed as he tilted her head back. Her breathing began to even as she swallowed the last of the mixture. “When will it start working,” Johnny asked.

Before Marcus could answer, Sid took a sharp inhale as her eyes snapped opened. She began to cough as the stripes on her skin began to fade. “Holy shit, what happened? And why do I feel like I just drank perfume and blood?”

“Yeah, sorry about that,” Susie admitted, looking slightly embarrassed.

“Oh thank god,” Johnny cried, wrapping his arms around her.

Sid made an “oof” noise in surprise, but softened as she held his head. “Hey, don’t worry. I’m still here.”

Susie sighed in relief as she looked at Marcus. “Thank you.”

“It’s nothing, Susanna. Now, let me see about that cut on your hand. And maybe some chocolate for Bianca.”

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