Write-O-Ween, Day 4: Lunar Eclipse/Red Moon

Sid laid out the blanket under the dim lights of Inman Park, settling for a somewhat crooked view of the moon before the eclipse.

Susie had warned her against going out as she had put on her coat for the night. “Really? It’s a red moon! You don’t know what’s going to come out there! You’re not exactly armed to the teeth like me over here.”

“It’ll be okay,” Sid had assured her, looking up at the woman who had nearly a foot on her. “I got Johnny.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of. Cujo at full steam.”

Sid shook her head at the memory as she sat on the blanket and looked towards the edge of the park. “You still there, Johnny?”

With a growl and a snap of its teeth, a large and scruffy black dog emerged from the shadows of the park. Its eyes were transfixed on Sid as it slowly advanced in.

Most people would feel fear at this moment. Instead, Sid held out her arms. “Come here, love.”

The dog walked over to her slowly, as if it was anticipating something behind her. Finally, it walked up to her at full posture before dropping down and sitting its head on her shoulder. Sid wrapped her arms around its neck, feeling its rough fur against her. “Hey, knew you were still there. Susie doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Though, gotta make sure we don’t fall asleep here. I didn’t pack extra clothes.”

A gruff noise came from the dog’s mouth before he laid down on the blanket next to her. Sid laid back, resting her head against his middle. “Yeah, Susie doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Just because you tore up her Xena comics during a red moon that one time… Though you should probably replace those, Johnny boo.”

A whine.

“Honey, it’s been two years. Just take her to a comic shop already and do it. Christ.”

She opened up a bag of chips and handed one to Johnny, who snapped it it up immediately. As the clouds cleared and made the eclipse more clear, Sid sighed happily as she nuzzled against Johnny’s fur. “No, really. Don’t let me fall asleep out here, okay? It’s cold.”

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