IMG_3486Ashley Leckwold lives a strange life.

A resident of Atlanta and a feminist “media enthusiast” (or “fangirl”, if you prefer), she is a graduate of Georgia State University with bachelor of arts in journalism with specializations in public relations and music management. She used to run the media department of Steampunk Chronicle and keep The Extraordinary Contraptions in line under the name Liesel Hindmann, but much like Jessica Jones, she has parted from her secret identity (though under way less trauma). Under her legal name, she’s been a writer for Nerdophiles (where she recapped a lot of TV), PopOptiq and The Rainbow Hub (where she reviewed a fair amount of comics) and is currently in house at Graphic Policy. She’s even had comics published through Red Stylo Media, which you can buy here and here.

Besides writing, Ashley enjoys going to live music and pro-wrestling shows, attending conventions, honing her sewing skills, catching up on her favorite TV shows, learning flow arts and tarot, reading a good book, and killing time on the internet.

She’s also been an extra in a few movies, once had a conversation with Kieron Gillen about The Hulk’s penis, and had former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley call her cool, so there’s that.

Besides this blog, you can follow Ashley on Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact her at ashleywhizbang@gmail.com.


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